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0.5.0 2006-01-08
    - make use of autotools. Now installation is corresponds GNU requirements
    - output completely changed. Hope, it would be more convinient. Inspired
      by ppplag
    - location of file, where syslog stores its messages, is taken from its config file
    - added script for cron (/etc/cron.weekly/pppstat) to keep /var/log/pppd.log
      up to date, independently of program usage
    - added ukrainian and russian translation
0.4.1 2005-04-30
    - fixed some bugs
0.4.0 2005-01-13
    - added pppstat.conf, in which info about moden pools' IPs of each ISP is located
    - upgraded -h option - printing Mbytes or kbytes depending on period (-m)
0.3.3 2005-01-07
    - period is shown with -m
0.3.2 2005-01-03
    - added -h option
0.3.1 2004-12-24
    - added advanced time checking: compare time counted from logs and that, reported by pppd.
0.3.0 2004-12-19
    - first public release
    - added command line options

(c) 2005-2006 Mathway

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